Herobrine Commands and Permissions

Command Permission Description
/herobrine help herobrine.help Shows all commands
/herobrine attack (player name) herobrine.attack Sets Herobrine's attack target
/herobrine haunt (player name) herobrine.haunt Sets Herobrine's haunt target
/herobrine cancel herobrine.cancel Cancel all actions against Herobrine's currently set target
/herobrine reload herobrine.reload Reloads config
/herobrine location herobrine.position Gives the coordinates of Herobrine's current location
/herobrine pyramid (player name) herobrine.pyramid Builds a pyramid near the player
/herobrine graveyard (player name) herobrine.graveyard Teleports player to the Herobrine's Graveyard
/herobrine bury (player name) herobrine.bury Bury player
/herobrine temple (player name) herobrine.temple Builds a temple near the player
/herobrine heads (player name) herobrine.heads Spawn some heads near the player
/herobrine cave (player name) herobrine.cave Create cave near the player (Location must be under the 60th block of height)
/herobrine curse (player name) herobrine.curse Curse the player
/herobrine burn (player name) herobrine.burn Burn the player
/herobrine allworlds herobrine.allworlds Adds all server worlds to the list of worlds that Herobrine is permitted to enter
/herobrine speakrandom (player name) herobrine.speakrandom Randomly selects and sends one of the configuration file-defined Herobrine chat messages to the specified user
/herobrine speak (message) herobrine.speak Sends a chat message on Herobrine's behalf
/herobrine pluginreport (message) herobrine.pluginreport Documentation for this feature is available here
- herobrine.ignore Herobrine will ignore all players that have this permission set
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