Herobrine Internal Bug Reporting

Starting with the release of Herobrine v1.2.7, it is possible to easily provide information about your server configuration to the Herobrine development team from directly within the plugin. To use this feature, a player must be granted the "herobrine.pluginreport" permission node.

Any Minecraft servers or players found to be abusing the Internal Bug Reporting feature will be banned from submitting reports at the discretion of The Programmer's World.

How do I use Internal Bug Reporting?

Internal bug reporting is performed by issuing the "/herobrine pluginreport (message)" command, where "(message)" is a required brief description of the problem you are experiencing.

How can I use this report when seeking assistance?

Upon the successful submission of your internal bug report, you will be given a Report ID which you can use as part of a post on our forums to match your report with your issue. This will allow the development team to acquire more information on an issue that cannot be easily collected from the internal reporting feature. On its own, an Internal Bug Report is not enough to receive assistance when you are having a problem with the plugin.

Example of an Internal Bug Report

What information is collected when I file an internal report?

When an internal report is submitted, the following information is collected to aid in resolving the issue:

Unsupported Versions

The following versions of the Herobrine plugin have been marked as legacy versions and can no longer be used to submit Internal Bug Reports:

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